Proper Popcorn Review | Knoxville, TN – Local Gourmet Craft Popcorn A Delicious Snack for All Occasions

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Proper Popcorn Review | Knoxville, TN – Local Gourmet Craft Popcorn Review Do you want to try gourmet popcorn in Knoxville, Tennessee? Proper Popcorn is the best choice for you.

The Story Behind Proper Popcorn

Proper Popcorn is a locally owned and operated gourmet popcorn shop that has been serving up unique and delicious flavors for over a couple of years. Proper Popcorn was born from the Johnson brothers’ wish to bring a new and exciting snack option to the Knoxville area.

The Popcorn

Proper Popcorn sees value in their handcrafted, small-batch popcorn. Their popcorn is made with only the best ingredients and no artificial preservatives.

There is a taste for everyone, from originals like Butter and Sea Salt to more adventurous options like Hot Chicken and Bacon Cheddar.

If you’re feeling particularly indulgent, you can even add one of their tasty toppings, such as dark chocolate or rainbow sprinkles.

Proper Popcorn Atmosphere

When you walk into Proper Popcorn, you are welcomed by a pleasant environment. The shop has a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, making it perfect for relaxing and enjoying a snack.

And if you’re looking for an another gift, Proper Popcorn has you covered. Gift boxes, tin buckets, and even custom labeling are available for corporate events or special occasions.

What is Popcorn?

What exactly is popcorn?
Popcorn is a type of wheat specifically for its unique properties. The moisture inside the kernels increases and pops when heated, creating a fluffy and crunchy snack.

There are various types of popcorn available, each with its own unique flavor and texture. White, yellow, and butterfly are some of the most popular varieties.

History Of Popcorn

Popcorn has been eaten up by people all over the world for thousands of years. It is thought to have originated in Mexico, where it was enjoyed by the Aztecs and other indigenous peoples.

Popcorn was introduced to Europe in the 16th century and quickly became a popular snack. Popcorn is now popular all over the world and is a common snack in many households.

Proper Popcorn Flavours

There are many types of flavours available in the proper popcorn store checkout the official websites and enjoy the popcorn.

Classic Flavors

  1. Homestyle – classic popcorn simply popped and lightly salted with a fine white salt.
  2. Butter– That great butter taste with our extra large popcorn kernels.
  3. Kettle– Our lightly salted popcorn is coated with a thin layer of sugar. This old fashioned favorite is a delicious balance of sweet and salty that the whole family will love.

Savory Flavors

  1. Movie Theater You won’t want to stop eating this extra buttery and deliciously salty popcorn! Perfect for movie night!
  2. Cheddar-Our rich and delicious cheddar cheese coated popcorn.
  3. Extra Cheddar-For the cheese lover. This one is our cheddar popcorn with even more cheddar!
  4. White Cheddar-Another classic flavor. Perfectly popped popcorn kernels covered in white cheddar cheese.
  5. Bacon & Cheddar-Two of your favorite foods combined to make a tasty popcorn treat.
  6. Cheesy Ranch-Our real cheddar popcorn with a zing of creamy ranch.
  7. Jalapeño Popper-One of our hottest flavors – Our Jalapeño popper popcorn has a white cheddar base and a hot Jalapeño seasoning
  8. Spicy Buffalo-Cheddar cheese and buffalo seasoning – what better combination is there for watching your favorite team play?
  9. Cajun-Our cajun popcorn contains super flavorful seasoning and finishes with a kick!
  10. Dill Pickle-A Proper Popcorn best seller, Dill Pickle is our white cheddar popcorn with a dill seasoning that is so good you won’t be able to stop snacking on it!
  11. Ranch-Our white cheddar popcorn with your favorite dipping sauce taste.
  12. Sour Cream & Chive-A popular chip flavor that – in our opinion – tastes even better on our popcorn.
  13. Pizza-Calling all pizza lovers! We found your favorite popcorn. It tastes just like a delicious cheesey pizza.
  14. Hot & Spicy-A top contender for our hottest flavor. If you like heat and a little burn, this is for you.
  15. Garlic & Parmesan-Makes for a great combo. Garlic seasoning with the sharpness of Parmesan cheese.

Sweet Flavors

  1. Caramel-This is a fan favorite. Rich, sweet, buttery caramel completely coats each piece of popcorn. We know you’ll be coming back for more.
  2. Sea Salt Caramel-We took our delicious Caramel popcorn and turned it up a notch by adding sea salt as it cools. If you love sweet and salty, this is the one for you.
  3. Vanilla-This flavor is anything but “vanilla”. Bursting with vanilla flavor, this candy coated popcorn is sweet and delicious.
  4. Toffee-Our dark sticky toffee transforms our popcorn into a crunchy toffee treat. It will be love at first bite.

Sweet Select Flavors

  1. Milk Chocolate Drizzle-Try this caramel popcorn with a milk chocolate drizzle for a sweet treat.
  2. White Chocolate Drizzle-You’ll love this caramel popcorn with a touch of white chocolate.
  3. Dark Chocolate Drizzle-Looking to indulge? Our dark chocolate drizzled caramel popcorn is for you!
  4. Caramel with Peanuts-This duo is a home run! We throw in some peanuts to our yummy caramel popcorn.
  5. Caramel with Pecans-Love candied pecans and caramel popcorn? This combination is for you!
  6. Caramel with Cashews-In the process of making our caramel popcorn, we add in cashews so that each bite is coated in our rich, sweet, buttery caramel.
  7. Toffee Almond-Our sweet and crisp toffee popcorn pairs perfectly with these toffee coated almonds. It’s a crunchy and delicious experience!

Specialty Flavors

  1. Birthday Cake-Celebrate with this festive chocolate covered goodness. And no birthday cake would be complete without the sprinkles!
  2. Cinnamon Bun-Great with a cup of coffee, this cinnamon bun popcorn is drizzled with icing and dusted with cinnamon for a sweet treat.
  3. Trail Munch-Our crunchy and sweet toffee popcorn with pretzels, chocolate candy, and rice cereal.
  4. Strawberry Cheesecake-Our delicious white chocolate cheesecake popcorn meets strawberry popcorn and is topped off with graham cracker crumbles.
  5. Peanut Butter-Creamy and delicious peanut butter coats every kernel of this sweet and tasty treat.
  6. Puppy Chow-Our caramel popcorn is joined by pretzels and rice cereal before being covered by a sweet, peanut butter and chocolate coating and finally dusted with powdered sugar.
  7. S’mores-Our caramel and vanilla popcorn come together with graham crackers and chocolate bar pieces to create your favorite campfire treat – without the fire!
  8. Milk Chocolate-Caramel popcorn covered in our delicious milk chocolate.
  9. Peanut Butter Chocolate-Our creamy peanut butter popcorn with a milk chocolate drizzle.
  10. Zebra Drizzle-The only way to make caramel better? Drizzle with white and milk chocolate!
  11. Cookies & Cream-BEST SELLER! Vanilla and white chocolate popcorn meet up with chocolate cookie pieces for this creamy and delicious treat.
  12. White Chocolate with Pretzels-A sweet and salty snack, our white chocolate popcorn with pretzels is simply delectable.
  13. Dark Chocolate-Sea Salt Looking to indulge? Try our caramel popcorn coated in decadent dark chocolate and dusted with sea salt.
  14. Reindeer Munch-Don’t forget about Rudolph and friends on Christmas Eve! Our vanilla popcorn with pretzels, cereal, and chocolate candies drizzled in white chocolate makes the perfect holiday treat.


  1. Proper Mix-Our delicious buttery caramel meets the fan favorite cheddar for a flavor combination that will keep you coming back for more.
  2. Candy Mix-A colorful and fun mix of our candy coated flavors. The kids always go for this one!
  3. Neyland Mix-No matter how our team is doing, this mix will not disappoint! White cheddar and spicy buffalo come together for the perfect tailgating mix.
  4. Knoxville Mix-An ode to Knoxville, this mix is classy with a poppin’ twist! Caramel and jalapeño popper popcorn join forces for a mix that is as unique as our city.


In conclusion, Proper Popcorn is a locally owned and operated gourmet popcorn shop that offers a unique and delicious snack experience. With handcrafted popcorn made from the highest quality ingredients and no artificial preservatives, there is a flavour for everyone. The cosy atmosphere, community involvement, and numerous awards make Proper Popcorn a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a gourmet snack in Knoxville, TN.

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